Say hello to Stephanie, the sun-averse illustrator hailing from sunny Southern California. Besides mastering the art of thriving in the shade, she graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Class of Spring 2021, her artistic journey has been marked by dedication and creative flair.
When she's not dodging UV rays, Steph can be found on a quest to befriend every feline on the planet, fueled by an unwavering love for cats. Video games, Formula 1, and NHRA drag racing? They're revved up and ready to go. Classic cars? She's got a passion that's anything but antique.
Coffee fuels the creative engine, while movies, TV, and travel keeps her fired up with inspiration. Obsessed with all things mid-century, Steph’s work channels the spirit of animation and design legends like Mary Blair, Maurice Noble, Paul Julian, and Saul Bass. From vibrant colors to sleek lines, she's got the mid-century aesthetic down to a fine art.
Currently on the lookout for full-time opportunities in animation, Stephanie specializes in background design and visual development but is equally enthusiastic about prop and character design ventures. With a portfolio brimming with creativity and passion, Steph would make an excellent addition to anyones team!
Got a project that needs a dash of vintage flair? Steph is your gal. Just don't forget to bring along a cup of joe and a cat or two for good measure. Ready to turn those great ideas into art? Or just want to say hello? Let's chat!
Available for commissions or any full-time opportunites
Previously at WB Animation (Unannounced series, "The Day the Earth Blew Up", "Bye Bye Bunny")
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